Most of the contacts to colleagues began within the framework of the International Psychoanalytical Association, the congresses of which Kutter has attended without exception, beginning with Copenhagen in 1967 up to New Orleans 2007. Against this background it was not quite difficult to gain authors for "Psychoanalysis International, a Guide to Psychoanalysis throughout the World" (1992, 1995, Hillsdale, NJ; The Analytic Press: including Horacio Etchegoyen (past-president of the IPA), Alex Holder (UK), Uri Lowental (Israel), Han Groen-Prakken (NL), Alexander Moser (Switzerland), Leonardo Wender (Argentina), R.T. Martin (Australia), Charles Hanly (Canada), Inga Villareal (Colombia), Sudhir Kakar (India), Keigo Okonogi (Japan), Edith Kurzweil (USA), Alain de Mijolla and Michelle Moreau-Ricaud (France), Alexander Etkind (Russia).



Unique was visiting Anna Freud in 1982 after she had been given an honorary doctorate by the University of Frankfurt (see Peter Kutter: Ein spätes, aber nicht zu spätes Ehrendoktorat. Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse, 16: 18-28) (A late, but not too late, honorary doctorate). For supervisions Kutter visited Paula Heiman and John Klauber. From Lindau he knew Walter Schindler, who had gone his own way outside of the IPA, visiting him many times in London.



That Hermann Roskamp and Peter Kutter absolved a part of their psychoanalytic training in Amsterdam was a clever move on the part of Wolfgang Loch. The supervision sessions were as tough and profitable with Jeanne Lample-de Groot as they were pleasant and stimulating with Piet Kuiper.



Kutter used to have close contacts to colleagues such as to Professor Pieringer in Graz, when he still attended the conferences at Bad Gastein and Bad Gleichenberg, later also to Oskar Frischenschlager from the Institute of Medical Psychology at the University of Vienna at Severingasse 9.

Important are the contacts to the Viennise Psychoanalytical Society with Leupold-Löwenthal and Sylvia Zwettler-Otte: In 2002 Kutter gave a lecture there on "Laois and Iokaste - Basic Conflict - the Other Side of the Oedipus Complex".Zwettler-Otte has reviewed Peter Kutter's book on “Affekt und Körper” and has gratefully contributed an article for a book in honor of Peter Kutter “Wagnis Psychoanalyse (the risk of psychoanalysis)” 2012.



Kutter has a good friend there: Gábor Szönyi in Budapest. In addition, he has got to know numerous Hungarian colleagues, including Livia Nemes, György Hidas, György Vikar, Janos Harmatta, Edit Szerdaheyi. He is a close friend to János Paál, stemming from Budapest, having lived in Dreieich-Buchschlag but died in 2010.



During a round trip in 1972 Kutter visited Erich Lindemann in Boston, René Spitz in Denver, Helmut Baum and Heinz Kohut in Chicago, Alexander and Margarete Mitscherlich in Palo Alto, where he also met Irvin D. Yalom. Later he was frequently in New York, undertaking trips to White Plains where he visited Otto Kernberg. He was also a guest of the unforgettable Willem Niederland and his wife. A conversation with Kurt Eissler left a lasting impression.

Peter Kutter is a member of the scientific council of the PSYCHOANALYTIC INQUIRY.

Correspondence partners: Joe D. Lichtenberg, Anna and Paul Ornstein, Ernest S. Wolf.



Correspondence partners: Dr. Raúl Páramo Ortéga and Dr. Alfredo Bautista-Baños who succeeded in his doctoral thesis in 1987.



Peter Kutter visited Rostow on the famous River Don in 1994 and 1996. There Viktor Nikolajev, together with committed colleagues, established an institute (Rostow Psychoanalytic Association), where psychoanalysis was taught and disseminated. A joyful atmosphere of new beginnings prevailed there, similar to that in Germany after World War Two. At that time foreign colleagues had helped the young psychoanalysts in Germany (e.g. Willi Hoffer, Michael Balint, Paula Heiman, Jeanne Lampl-de Groot, Piet Kuiper). Now German colleagues helped their Russian colleagues effectivly with advice and practical support.

Kutter visited also Moscow in 1995.

Correspondence partners: Konstantin Lissizyn (Asov), Lydmila Yegorova and Viktor Nicolajev (Rostov-on-Donu), also Jakob Obuchov (Moscow).



Kutter is delighted at the contacts to a number of colleagues in distant South Korea. At the international congresses of the IPA he has met and got to know Professor Cho, who wrote a paper for "Psychoanalysis International". Kutter would like to know what has become of a former, unfortunately unsuccessful, graduate student studying for a doctorate, Tai Kyung Jeung. Kutter met Zuk-Nae Lee while he was writing his doctoral thesis in Zürich ("C. G. Jung und symbolisches Verstehen"; Peter Lang, 1997) ("C.G. Jung and symbolic understanding").. Dong-Shik Ree invited Kutter to a congress in Seoul in 1994. Theme: Psychotherapy East and West. Kutter's lecture was on the theme: "Psychoanalysis and Tao - differences and similarities", and to another international meeting in Seoul 2004.

The Korean Psychoanalytic Society publishes an interesting journal, Psychoanalysis, in the Korean language but with English summaries. Vol. 12, No. 1, June 2001, deals among other things with Borderline Disorders, Self-Psychological Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Buddhism. Editor in Chief: Byung-Wok Lee.

In early 2012 the kind colleagues of the KOREAN ACADEMY OF PSYCHOTHERAPY asked Peter Kutter for an article in honor of Dongshick Rhee's 92nd birthday on “History of psychiatry, psachoanalysis, and psychotherapy in Germany”which he has written with pleasure to be published later in Korean language.


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