"Carpe diem"
(Horaz, Oden I, 11).


2010 a very personal contribution appeared, published in "Psychoanalyse in Selbstdarstellungen", Vol. 8 (edited by Ludger Hermanns); its title "Aus der Enge in die Weite", a history of at least five liberations, namely: 1. out ot the NS-dictatorship to democracy, 2. out of the parents' strong education to a free student's life 3. out of the conflictual Tübingen group to a honorable professorship at Frankfurt-University, 4. out of the complicated psychology department to retirement, and 5. out of many commitments to final liberty.

2012 another publication appeared, dedicated to Peter Kutter, its title ”Wagnis Psychoanalyse (The risk of psychoanalysis), edited by the former co-workers Benjamin Bardé and Eduard Bolch, with contributions by well-known authors on various actual topics.

Peter Kutter is no more busy as before.

Since January 2012 a prostata cancer has been detected, the usual hormone therapy unfortunately failed but radiation therapy has been partially sucessful. Life is restricted in many ways, however, Peter Kutter does his best to live as normally as possible. He enjoys beeing retired; with more time for his wife, for family, for piano playing, listeing to music, reading literature, and for some walking.




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